Thanks to all my neighbors throughout Council District 5, and to the many volunteers and contributors from across the City who supported my campaign. As I transition from campaigning to serving on City Council, I want to tell you what you can expect and how to be involved.

They say that a campaign can tell you a lot about how someone will lead once in office. I believe that. My campaign was about collaboration, teamwork, and genuine conversation. It was about listening, learning, and finding common ground around the values we all care about. It was not about me having all the answers or behaving like an experienced politician – which I am not. Over the course of several months, we knocked on 12,000 doors.

I walked away from those conversations with the understanding that we all want strong and safe neighborhoods.  We want our local and small businesses to thrive. We want our parks and open spaces maintained and enhanced.  And we want government which is efficient and responsive.  Agreement about how to approach our most significant challenges regarding growth, attainable housing, transportation and utilities is not as clear. That is not surprising.  These are hard challenges around which people will have reasonable disagreements.  I believe, as I stressed in my campaign, that my experience will help bring these perspectives together for the common good.

Just as I campaigned, I seek conversation and input from you. Whether you voted for me or not, I will represent you. But that means I must know what you are concerned about. I want to collaborate with you.  I invite your engagement.  Together – must find ways to encourage and include the voices of the 75% of registered voters who chose not to vote in this election. I understand that national elections get all the headlines, but it’s local government that often has the greatest impact on our daily lives. We will work together to bring more people to the table—and keep them there.

So, please be patient as we transition this website from campaign-mode to serving-mode. Look ahead for information about town halls, listening sessions out in the community, and other ways for us to have meaningful conversations. To be apart of this next exciting step please fill out our email form below and join in on all the updates! =)

Thank you!
Nancy, Steve, and Ella!

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